I Want To Be A Weekend Stuntman

I wish it would happen to me. Just once at least. Ya maybe I'll regret it or say to myself Sunday morning "sure was nice but not as awesome as I thought it would be" while smugly walking back to my car looking like quite the hot mess. Or maybe I'll be really glad it was finally my turn to feel like a champion even if it's just for a moment - sure is better than feeling sad and alone. Otherwise, I'll continue to be so frustrated on the outside looking in and wondering what it must be like to be that guy...

Long story short, I was in love with the greatest ever and two years later she dumped me like a used up worn out dish rag. I gave her all my time, my energy, my absolute loyalty, so much of my money and even more money, and most importantly my life in committment... not good enough it seems. I had it all and I lost it. So, clearly I'm not quite meeting the minimum qualifications women need for keeping in a long term relationship. I need to adapt and sign up for the service I am good enough for...

Sex is and always will be a wonderful positive experience to me, that does NOT make me a pervert. I am just another normal educated gentleman with normal horny tiger hormones in my blood like everyone else. I think I've been both blessed and cursed with a very strong attraction to women. Excuse me for not being wealthy enough to afford the tickets to romantic Paris and London that women want, I think good healthy sex for love and all the other right reasons is far more important than traveling the world. I've read articles about how scientists have proven the numerous physical and mental health benefits of getting it on. I'm in good physical shape thanks to soccer and fairly decent looking, disease free too and definitely free this weekend! I can certainly accept being labelled a man ***** or cheap **** in angst right to my face because going without sex for too long hurts me far worse than any harsh verbal criticism - anyone agree or disagree with me??

soccerninja soccerninja
31-35, M
Dec 6, 2012