I've Never Been A Serious Realtionship

I have never been in a serious relationship, I am 21 : let me better explain that I have been in a relationships but they always end with me falling too deep in love and giving myself when they give nothing in return. I think most of that comes from our differences in what I think a relationship should be verses their meaning of a relationship.

I think that when you are in a relationship it should be 50/50 and you should give your all to your man and vice versa, I have not once found a man to give me his heart and share my interests and uplift me, yeah when I was 15/16 but that does'nt count.

I would be with a man for like 2months and after I start to get real deep feelings and give my all they decide that they dont want to be in a relationship and scared of commitment...wtf you wait till 2months to tell me this.

I tired of messing with BOYS why cant I find me a real man who had dreams, ambition and heart to take care of himself, his woman and his family.

Is it me? There is nothing wrong with me,,,ok ok sometimes I can be a little cocky or picky on what I like, But I will not apoligize for what I want in a man and when the time right I think god will send me him but I feel like I just want him now to hold me, love me and uplift me.

Please shine some light on this dark part of me
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3 Responses Nov 5, 2011

I'm 22, and you literally just described my life story..smh.

After 2 heartbreaks in my early 20's I met a girl when I was 27 and we are just about to celebtrate 14 yrs together with 7 yrs married and a son. At times in my 20's everything seemed jumbled and erratic when it came to love and many a day I just thought that it would never happen but as skeptical as I was about myself falling for someone permanantly it did happen out of the blue. I recently had a visit from a lifelong friend James and he has just turned 51 and is still searching for a partner to love and hold - he has 30 yrs on you folks so I think at your age the chances of finding the love you wish for is quite achieveable. I would love to go back to 21 and do some things differently. Embrace the wonder of your age and know that time is very much on your side. All the best.

Why do you think love is scary? is it the falling in love and actually being with someone who loves you as much as you love them? whats so scary about it tell me