Me Neither

I've never as an adult had a valentines day with someone special.  How totally lame is that?

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Thanks sweety :)

i think people who expect some overly romantic holiday will always be disappointed. <br />
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you want smooches, thats cute. i hope you get your smooches.

Yeah I don't expect to have some fabulous romantic adventure. After all it is a Hallmark created holiday anyway. I would like someone to have some smooches with though. I'll be patient though. I have one nice prospect out there. We shall see....

Hey auto, I only had one v-day where I had someone (two-no three years ago) was a nice change, and I know where you're coming from where v-day just makes you sit and go "sigh, v-day huh...yay me..." but even that one time I had an exception it wasn't all that fluttery or anything, more of a "chore" (leading to why we're no longer together of course). <br />
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For a recap of explanation: <a href="" target="ep_blank"></a>

Wow you're ex and his girlfriend. That sounds like he's a real ***. Sorry if I'm off base. You deserve someone that will reciprocate your gifts. It's really wonderful that you're a giving person but if someone doesn't give back they're not worth your time. No you don't sound whiny. I just hope you can find a man that treats you like you deserve to be treated.

well i'm glad you're not a 'whiny' person anymore (your words, not mine)...this is technically my first year alone for valentines, although last year my ex spent it with me and his girlfriend (so i probably should count last year either). i never actually celebrated anything with my ex the whole time we were together (aside from christmas). he always spent all his money on himself (usually car parts, etc)...i always bought him something though....not always on a holiday, just little gestures here and there....i miss that, i dont miss him, i just miss the little things i used to do for him....i think thats whats so nice about having somebody else. its not about the big holiday gifts through out the years, but rather all the little things that you do everyday......i hope that didnt sound whiny or yucky, cause i am neither :)

Well it's not looking good for this year but oh well. I didn't remember writing this and for a second I thought some imposter had posted on my site. I guess I'm just not that same whiny person that I was in '07. I'm doing much better these days with patience and self confidence.

i still think ya need to spend atleast one valentines day with someone special!

It's just been a reminder for me, a negative one. You're right though...I think showing tokens of kindness and gratitude on a regular basis would be much more rewarding and realistic than having some standard recognized day.

LOL, you are really funny! Ya know what, Valentines day is a ridiculous waste of money! IMO. Even if I was in a relationship I would not recognize it, its too commercialized and I would want the person I cared about to do nice things for me on ordinary days, and vice versa, that to me would be more special. But I totally understand where your coming from. :)

True enough, that's a fine point. It's not totally accidental that I have not been in many relationships. They are costly both financially and emotionally and they are often bad for a person pursuing a music career.

I say you saved yourself alot of money, and future heartache, Buddy! (gotta look at the bright side! =P)