I never had a Valentines Day, either. Even at school... the thing was, the teachers told everyone to make or buy valentines to exchange in class. I would make half and buy the other half. Having enough valentines for everyone in my class. :-)

Then, when it was time to give them out in school, I would with a smile. But the boys would gag at mine and the girls who roll their eyes at me. And I never gotten a valentine back, unless the teacher took pity on me and gave me one. And one year, the teacher bullied a girl into giving me one. She reluctantly shoved it at me and stomped back to her desk. :-/

So, at a very early age... I HATED THIS HOLIDAY! =p

And then for all of my life, I didn't have a Valentine. So, I became bitter about the whole darn thing! I always said, "Bah-humbug!" to it all....

Now, this year, I have someone to send a valentine too and he would send one back on EP. Heehee! BUT, you know... I can really care less about the day! Odd! I have a boyfriend now and a valentine... but the day still bah-humbug in a way. For it doesn't mean anything, because every day is "Valentine's" with Momo! :-D

So, it's like... "What are we celebrating again?" XD

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Feb 12, 2009