I'm Determined That This Year Will Be The Year.

I am in the same boat as many of the other posts in this group . I've had plenty of ******* with toys but never any during sex :(. I got really close once when I added a vibrator in the mix but still haven't been pushed all the way over :( . I had a friend that ust to say I was deep set and maybe I am because the only times I got close without a vibrator the guy's I have been with had to be extremley rough and deep. Another suggested maybe I need to be with someone who is thick. Idk but I got depressed reading a statistic that 75 percent of women can't have a ****** from sex alone. Guy's have everything so easy. I'm investing in a bullet and maybe some e. I'm 22 should of had one by now.
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Go with the flow - but expect to be pleasured and treasured

Wouldn't say we have it easy, it varies from person to person. My girlfriend goes off at the drop of the hat, meanwhile she either dries up, or gets really sore by the time I'm getting close.... Needless to say, I feel your pain haha

I kno :/