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I have known people who do/did, and the negative social stigma associated with STD's, and the humiliation, shame, and erosion of a person's self-confidence (especially that pertaining to their sexuality) is a serious issue in my opinion. The people I've known have been good people...clean people....not people you would suspect. They are people who exercised poor judgment, and perhaps a lack of self-control, during a moment of passion. Maybe they had unprotected sex while out drinking. Maybe their spouse/partner cheated while exercising this type of poor judgement. Whatever the reason, and there are many, having an STD does not make someone dirty, a *****, a bad person, etc. Of course there are a lot of people like that with STD's, but I also think there are many who do not and vice versa. So, my point is, practice safe sex...it only takes one time, one lapse in judgement, and you could be carrying around an STD for life. Be smart....sex is great...I LOVE it. But, I would never risk my health for an ******. :)
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Good points, LG. I detest condoms (blahhhhh) as well but unless you are in a monogamous relationship these days they are unfortunately a necessity. (I've never had an STD and I'm gonna keep it that way!) <br />
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You are 100% right that it takes one slip up and you can get it; it doesn't mean that the person is "dirty" or sleazy. I know one girl who was lied to by a guy she dated who had herpes. (He was such a jerk) And guess what? Now so does she. So yeah... get tested whenever you get a new partner too.

Thanks :) And I just want to slap these people who cheat AND don't use protection! Not only are they risking their own health/life, but their partners....potentially their whole family's when you consider HIV. So much to risk for a lay.... just idiotic! LOL..rant over. Thanks for your comment. xo

Ohhh I'd be PISSED if a cheater gave me an STD! He'd better be on a plane half way 'cross the world if that happens! ;-P

I would be the same way....straight to the doctors office! I would also insist on STD testing in any new relationship. If you're going to have sex with someone, you better be able to discuss these issues with them beforehand in my opinion. :)

You have made a very good point here. To be honest, i've never used a condom in the past (I actually hate them lol) but that was due to being in serious monogamous relationships. My ex-GFs and I were always tested before we slept together for the first time. After we received the all clear from our test results, then we were fine to go bareback and enjoy sex the way it's meant to be ;-)<br />
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However with that said, one still needs to be careful in this day and age as you never know if a person has an STI/STD from the naked eye.

thank you. I also detest condoms and if I ever began a new monogamous relationship, we'd be going for tests too! :)

I am too used to going bareback now and could never see myself use condoms but I do make sure my partner and I are D&amp;D free before doing the deed ;-)

I so love this post. I hear so much about sex on here..."bareback" or not at all....Well for me it would be not at all unless I knew the person extremely well.<br />
"I would never risk my health for an ******. :)" is so classic, and such a wise choice! <br />
Go girl!

I agree. And for me, I do not like condoms, so if I don't know you well enough to have unprotected sex, there will be no sex. I also think that a lot of people's fantasy about "bareback" is just a fantasy...I would hope that they would be more cautious in real life. Thanks for your comment :)