Not Just The Wrong Tree But The Wrong Forest...

i love women. not just my mom or my female friends but women, in general. i find i am more comfortable with and emotionally similar to most women, genuinely interested in their lives and positions in many cultures and can see their attractiveness- their sexiness- without drowning in it like a str8 man might.

but i feel no attraction, no pull to have sex with them. i guess that makes me a kinsey six. in my sorted past, i have been in bed, slept with a few beautiful, sexy women- some of them had the obvious intention of sexing me up but nothing. great conversation, even passionate kissing, which i very much enjoyed, but not an urge to go any further...

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4 Responses Jan 23, 2010

I've gotta say pretty much the same a story. Since my child's hood, I'm closed with female. High School, university, most of the times mess around with women. When I was in uni , my best friend became a girl friend, had few times sex, later I found that nothing any exciting.First time , when I was turning on to 29, I found that I'm attracted to men. But in general I love woman combination, nice to have a friendship, nothing else. Having said that. I'm not camp type of guy, Straight in to straight line. This is the life.

I am a man who has never even thought of sex with a woman. I am extremely close to women and passionately fight for equal rights the same as I would for gay causes. However, it is just not part of my DNA, not since the day I was born. As a small child girls were my best friends and as an adult women remain a major part of my life. But, both emotionally and sexually, I have only known a very powerful attraction to men. This was long before I was old enough to understand anything about human sexuality. Definitely born gay...I was never seduced by someone older...just gay all the way.

yeah, that's what i think, toodreamwizard. and when it really comes down to what's important- who cares why. it's all about respect, eh... take care...

Confirmation that sexual attraction is more attributed to nature vs. nurture.