I'm almost 18 and still haven't had my first kiss. Is that normal? Everyone else I know has already done that and sometimes more. Why do they make fun of me for it?
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It's perfectly normal. My husband gave me my first kisses when I was 21. It's worth waiting for them and you can treasure them for life.

Normal no one is normal. Be you.

Everyone has their own normal. If you are comfortable with it and dont see it as a problem, then that is your normal. Make your first kiss mean something.

Totally normal & respectful & full of dignity for me...

Thank you
You're one of the first people to say that to me

You are welcome girl...you know Adriana Lima lost her virginity at the age of 27 & that's also when she got married to her husband..at first i didn't liked her coz i didn't found her attractive but one day accidentally i found an article about adriana & from that moment i became a fan of her..

Wow thanks for bringing her up
Its hard to find someone to look up to when everyone around you is telling you to do this and that or if you're not this then you're nothing
Thanks man I appreciate it

Will you mind if i add you???

Sure :-)

Thanks..you can share & ask anything to me,even your secrets if you want & i promise i'll always keep them to myself only..& remember that society & people's in it always ready to bark at you..& it all depends upon you & you only..whether follow their bullshits or follow your own mind & heart..GBU

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What's normal? I'm damn sure not.