"Some People Really Get Me Going...."

Omg.. I love to laugh and some people have had me really going..  From comments they have made, things they have said, or stories we have written..  I have laughed until my belly hurts and tears have streamed down my face...  I love it... Alot of my epeeps on here have awesome sense of humors and have totally tickled me...  Lol..  Love it.. Thank goodness for belly busters.. 

CaliGirl3 CaliGirl3
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4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Exactly... dedre..<br />
Same here.. I try though to write as many light hearted stories to balance out my more somber ones..<br />
I've had one of my peeps on here in tears.. I loved being able to make her laugh.. :)

Lol, humility is a cause, but hilarity is universal; unless it's a somber experience (and hell, even in some of those) I try to share a good chuckle at least!

Yep... Lol.. I love reading the stories on here that are full of hilarity.. Love them, especially when you are having a bad day.. To read something that brings a laugh and a smile to your face, can really change your day... ((hugs))

I hear you on that one. I almost wet myself a while back reading a story from Sexually Deprived for Our freedom.x