The Rematch

The other night i had another fight against the guy who my ex girlfriend went off with. I arranged to meet them at her flat Where the fight was due to take place. I'm being honest when i say that i'm not still interested in my ex. However, i did want revenge on the guy who beat me up before and was keen to wipe the smug grin of my ex's face.
The guy is about three stones heavier than me, so i was always up against it, but he isn't very fit. The fight lasted for more than 30 minutes and was very tiring. Fighting against somebody with a weight advantage saps your energy. However, at one point, i almost knocked him out. I landed some good punches and just couldn't land the killer blow. After 30 minutes he got me on floor and sat on me and pounded away. I was exhausted and had nothing left and was eventually knocked out. I hated seeing my ex afterwards and found it very hard to take, but I gave it my best shot. I will not fight him again.
cicero1111 cicero1111
31-35, M
Dec 14, 2012