Tiny Face

i was driving home at 3:30 last night and as i was on a busy 4 lane road i noticed something. i was drinking hot chocolate and as i glanced out my window , i gave my cup to my daughter and said that i think i saw a tiny gray kitten on the cement on the busy road. so i drove around and around the area looking for a place to stop and try to get that little one.it took about 30 more minutes and much sneaking up to it only to have it run the other way. it looked too small to jump up on the 3 foot embarkment, but that is what it did.. but i finally snook up from the right way where she couldn't see me and it dropped my jacket on her and ran back to the car. i didn't have a box to put her in and the humane society was closed. so my daughter had to hold her tightly as i drove home. now i have a beatiful little girl cat that is scared but not as scared as she looked on that busy roadway. i just couldn't leave her to be tramatized by the busyness of the hwy or to be killed on a road i drive by eaery day. she is still easily spooked but i know that i did the right thing.  now i have 3 inside cat and 3 outsied cats and not a little kitty in a cat carrier.

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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing :)