Don't Know What To Do

Hello All,

I have never meet my father. I am 25 yrs old and just recently found one of my brother's on my father's side. I also found out that my father is not a very nice man, he has fathered many children and uses women like trash. He also lives in my birth country where I do not live and on a very recent trip there is where I meet my brother. Last night, somehow my father called my mother's home and asked for me but I do not live there. He was given my  number and I just got his number from the person in my mothers house that answered the phone. I have been an emotional wreck since I meet my half brother and now I'm even worst since he called last night. I am not sure what to do, should I wait for him to  call me or should I call him. And if I do what do I even say. I have wanted to meet him ever since I can remember and ask him why he abandonded me and now Im so confused , nervous, and scared to talk and find out who he is. Especially since my half brother told me that he was not a good father to him and his sister and is a type of man who is a womanizer and treats women like crap.

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Give me a message chick, in the same boat totality:) x