A Father I Never Knew - X - R.i.p Daddy <3

lately my life has been so screwed up. i don't like talking to people so i thought this might help me get it all off my chest..

i only found out yesterday that my 'dad' isn't my dad, his my sisters and brothers dad but not mine.  When i was one my mum realized that i wasn't acting normal, she took me to the hospital and they had to do tests. the tests results came back clear but at that moment when my mum seen the test results she knew her husband wasn't my biological father. a few months went past and she finally told him, he went off his head and they ended up getting a divorce. My sisters always blamed me, they said 'dad only left mumma cause your hear' i didn't know what they where talking about, because i always thought he was my father.

Yesterday, me and mum got in a fight. she got so mad and it just came out. i then realized why my sisters hated me, why my 'father' hated me, and why my mum hated me. i stayed up all night thinking, and technically its not my fault, right? my mother made the decision to cheat on her husband with my real father.
mums husband (Brett) never even knew, untill a year or so afterwards, but my real father (Andrew) did, i dont know how that worked out? maybe my real father calculated it all and relized it was his kid.

He was 27 years old when i fell from heaven. He packed up his stuff, got in his car and was ready to drive from his home town Weipa to Gympie hospital to meet me. it was 11:48pm When he dozed off and went off the side of the road, the compact on his head killed him instantly. So my dad died the day i was born. i never met him, ive only seen a picture witch his mumma {my grandma} emailed me today. i am meeting her and my grandpa next week, im exited!

And to my Dad, i love you! i know i never got to meet you, but you are and always will be my shining star. i hope your taking care of my lil baby girl Destynie-Rose up there in heaven P.s your a grand dad c; so you better be taking care of my lil angel! i love you daddy - R.I.P <3

ilovemybabyangelxo ilovemybabyangelxo
18-21, F
May 8, 2012