Man I Heard Was My Father Turns Out To B My Cousin

All my life I've heard that this one man was my father. I had NEVER met let alone even saw an image of him. Nearly two years ago I found this man on a social networking site and he immediately knew the basic things about me that a "father" should and would know about his child. He told me my first middle and last name, my age, and the exact day month and year that I was born. He even asked about the woman who brought me into this world as well as other immediate family members. All of this information was shared with me before I even had the opportunity to ask him who he was to me if anything. I had it set in my mind that this was my dad and my heart was kind of happy but then...he asked me who I call dad. I told him no one. He then told me that "we" me and him were first cousins. I was shocked beyond belief. He later went on to say that his first cousin was my actual father. I was so crushed because I had been told a lie for so long. I deleted my social networking site page immediately after that. Two years later it still hurts me because I kno I will never kno or meet my father...
Khaybai Khaybai
May 12, 2012