I'll Never Know...

So I was adopted. My birthmom gave me up. She was in highschool. She doesn't even know who my dad is. Knowing that hurts more than anything. I will never know who my father is. I would give anything to atleast know his name. Or what he looks like. Or where he is. Or what he does. Anything could help me through this.
TeenageDreamer32 TeenageDreamer32
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

I would think would hurt more than to know a father just up and left. To not have any idea or any leads of who this guy could be that helped put you into this world...I can't imagine.

I know the pain you are feeling. I have felt a hole in my heart all my life not knowing who my father is. Now as an adult, married and with a child of my own, seeing my husband be a father to my son has been an amazing healing experience. Although I still am searching for the man who gave my mother a fake name 33 years ago, I guess I'll never give up hope.