After Everything, I Still Want To Meet Him!

My biological father left my mom before i was born. My mom was a mess, then she had me. A few months later she met another man. His name was Chuck, I called him Dad, Daddy. He was always there. They got married when i was three and everything was perfect. Then it all seemed to go downhill from there. Arguing all the time, slapping, hitting, enough was enough and me and my mom packed our stuff and left. A year later i talked to him on the phone and I told him i loved him. That was the last time i talked to him. May 3rd 2006 he died from cancer. At this point my mom told me the true story... that Chuck wasn't my dad. She showed me pictures of my real dad, Cheyenne Rivera. Told me alll about him. I kindof hated him, he abandoned me. Didnt want me. That hurt. I always wondered why i neevr looked like Chuck, when i saw the pictures of my REAL dad it was apparent why. I did research on him. I now know that i have a halfbrother. I want to meet him, and my dad. My mom hates it when i talk about him. Shes happy, married, and currently pregnant. But she cant blame me for being curious, right? I want to meet him :( I dont wanna die knowing i never knew my father.

Katiiie123 Katiiie123
13-15, F
Feb 28, 2010