We Are All Connected.

I know it is hard for some people to accept. I wish I could somehow get them to believe that I do. It breaks my heart when they are in pain and feel so alone. People are all connected, and we all effect each other one way or another. It is a complicated web that you may not be able to follow, but I promise it did not leave anyone out. What I wish people knew before they decided to take their own life, is that act will most definitely profoundly effect not only and friends and family, but their schoolmates, co-workers, and emergency workers, COMPLETE strangers will be heartbroken. We may have never met you, but we care.
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

perhaps you've heard of the collective unconscious? if not, you might be interested...

yeah.. even if i know that post is not specifically for me, i appreciate it. but i'm hoping for ur sincerity.<br /><br />i was a loner and when i say loner, it's not just cuz i wanted to be but the world pushed me to be. and then i found a community of loners like me, and someone get to notice me.. he said he cares, he would listen and that i could email him. so i emailed him. and after 3 or 4 emails he just didn't reply. then few days i saw him post in the loner site and saw that he changed sth in his emailadd.. <br />wtf!<br />he knows that we're all loner there. he extended his concerns without me asking and he just left me hanging! he added up on my frustrations! but then, well i cannot force anyone to help in any way but what i hate is when people give me false hope.<br /><br />btw, i use my phone to access this site.. i want to post on confessions but i could not. whenever i click on it, it'll just take me to posts.. what am i gonna do.. ?<br /><br />:(

You are one sweet gal. And so right. It breaks my heart also to see the pain of people here on EP. I hope I can send them a bit of encouragement and feel that someone cares. Even though I do not know them. I have had alot of tragedies in my lifetime and I empathise with them...........Luv Lucy<br />
PS thank you for your service, I know it cant be easy