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I've never noticed or been driven crazy by the white space to the right of middle on the main page.

I feel like people who are must be the sort who are uncomfortable during silent moments on dates or anywhere for that matter.

Just because there's nothing there doesn't mean there has to be something there.

When you're on a long drive and you enter the mountains or a great forest it's a wonderful thing to behold. After six hours of it though, the greatest thing you can possibly hope to see is a vast clearing of green grass, blue skies, waving field grass and perhaps a friendly deer or two. In fact, there's often a Scenic Overlook sign with a Fuji logo nearby.

We should just take a deep breathe and admire the simple things in life. Diet Coke... powered flight... Iodized salt (which supplies a necessary nutrient) ... and, occasionally, the lack of **** in the way.

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Perspective is the cure.

I want a What Would The Maharishi Do? Bracelet. It seems fun because most likely everytime I'd glance at it i'd think "Go drop acid with the Beatles." That actually doesn't help much for everyday problems but it does put things into perspective, anyway.

I think I've seen those What Would The Dalai Lama do bracelets..

That's what we're all here for, Delilah. To stand in bold opposition to the oppression of The Man. Just because The Man says there's white space doesn't mean there IS white space. Have you lost your sense of wreckless abandon? Sweet Jesus, Delilah. The time for an EP revolution is now! I'm going to go flip a car over. I'll brb, lol. wtf. omg.

Am I a total idiot that I can't even FIND the white space?????

Hmmm.. something random & time consuming to ponder over - more fuel to my flame of procrastination.. hey look, mediocre dancing emoticon's yeah i know, pretty awesome.

I like having our little white space. At least it's not filled with another animated ad to eat up my memory and make my browser go all wonky after a bit.<br />
<br />
Save The White Space!

Personally, I really like Deepak Chopra, but I thought your bracelet idea was hilarious! Another option: What would the Dalai Lama do? I hated the Jesus bracelet idea, but granted sometimes we do need to stop and think What would some one I admire do in a situation like this? Your choice for a reality check.

Oh, sorry. What Would Deepak Chopra Do? In the states anyway we had this phase where people were wearing around bracelets that said WWJD? for "What Would Jesus Do?"<br />
<br />
Because, of course, Jesus would succumb to consumerism and buy a bracelet if he were around, too. What Would My Dad Do?

By all means put the Deepak in my soul. But what, pray tell, is W.W.D.C.D.? C'mon, you gotta have a long version.

Here, have this W.W.D.C.D.? bracelet. <br />
<br />
Let the Deepak flow into your soul!

All around me are familiar faces, worn-out places, pale spaces.. The space makes me think of Mad World.

LMAO you are way too funny to be on here before lunch. lol

It's part of a new book i'm writing called Embracing The Emptiness. It's 90% horse **** but i'm trying to compete with Deepak Chopra in the semi-thoughtful horse **** section at your local book store. Keep an eye out y'all, my new self help book drops soon!

Me neither, I thought it was because of my weak eyes. Now I feel better. Thanks

In fact, Unoriginal has embraced the white space, even going so far as to invite more white space into his life with his new avatar featuring white space and more white space. Oh and a spatula.

Nor have I and if it did bother me I would focus my attention elsewhere until it passed. I am not certain where this white space is but I must have the perfect browser and monitor size for EP because I have never noticed it.