White Power (no Wait That's a Terrible Title)

We need white space so our eyes are not constantly dazzled by stuff. I never noticed it but maybe it is in fact the white space that has kept me coming back to this site. That calm white space amid the barrage of blue verdana and cutesy icons. If they take it away, I might be lost forever. 

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OK, Hello wallflower,<br />
Here is my quest / and question: I was married and I guess you / anyone would have called us switches. We had really only played by ear and site. And as time went on there was less switching most of the time on her part. Now we were in a swing group of couples at a large group. Now one of her (wife's) long time friend as well as two others they meet became VERY dominant. I have ask others i have date as well as ladies on this and other boards. I can find no info. as how to locate women such as they are / where. And any on here, can not be messaged to. So where would on e look??<br />
Thanks for any info. Sincerely John

Exactly. Nothing.


Rightio, disciples. The line must be drawn here. Or... slightly to the right.

Everything is perfect as it is :) It's so nice and clear.