Your Kidding Me Right

EP are you freaking serious your flipping out over white space????

Your telling me your THAT hard up for something to do??????????

I have seen people put up with more things for pets on ep that stupid, idiotic thumbs up thumbs down BS that hides comments from view, and a thousand other little bells and whistles that are wonderful n their own right but come on when are we going to get the things fundamental to this sight??????

Like spell check for the comment sections the group creation and group descriptions or don't you notice the groups that say "i hate bad grammar" i want to edit group titles/ descriptions or the ones saying " i wish the internet was more grammatically correct" or do you want the grammar Nazis eating the rest of us alive 

What about the moods that people keep begging for or the ability to write in your own so you don't have to keep trying to please people yet they get what they want

How bout those ads that people keep complaining about popping up

What about the request to have a way to delete people from your fans list particularly people who have deleted you from their circle yet they still show up as a fan and thus their EP activity is shown as part of "my circle activity" which is annoying and clogs your circle activity with things you may not want to see from people you may not want to deal with and have made it quite clear they want nothing to do with you

but no you guys are going on about fixing white space no one cares about


tulick tulick
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11 Responses Mar 17, 2009

and i care that you can say **** because ????

someone needs to give ep some priorites when it comes to features

I joined up with the cause

what white space ????

no one gives a **** about the white space what white space anyway <br />
<br />
and i've fot someone in my circle that has to keep starting new message threads because o the pop up ads

I wonder if anyone has pointed out to support just how insensitve the "crazy" part of that message is?

Join up! We need all the help we can get...

I have a new hero<br />
<br />
go get em Tulick!!!<br />
<br />
I have been sick of that stupid message an hour after it first came up

I've never had actual pop-ups since those aren't the rage anymore since most everything blocks them. There are some that run down the right side of the page from time to time. My seating arrangement isn't so great so I actually have to do the ol' Control + trick to zoom my browser in just to read without going blind so I conveniently can't see them anyway.<br />
<br />
'name me somebody that's not a paracite and i'll go out and say a prayer for him...'

no **** i'm sick of the wonderful things that look good but getting "beat up" about bad spelling hearing people whine aabout it when there's a simple fix <br />
<br />
i'm tired of looking at mood selections not seeing the one i want and moreoever seeing people with good ideas and NEVER see them materialize while whe have moods that need to be looked up in the dictonary to know what thet knowing they could set it up as write in just like the "what are you doing?" section <br />
<br />
and i was lucky enough to have a freind give me the gift of being an ep supporter so i don't know what's up with the pop up ads but i can imagine the sledge hammer i'd wanna hit them with if i had to deal with that GRRRRRRR

You tell 'em.