Liked the White Space and Like the Black Sidebars

The white space on pages never bothered me. It actually was easier on the eyes. Things became more cramped looking and feeling when EP changed it.

I do like the widened content as of today, where there's no white space or sidebars. But for Earth Hour on EP which lasted all day long from everyone's donations of points, EP blacked out the sidebars. Ahhh, that was easy on the eyes. I liked it. I'm sure it'll be gone tomorrow when I log back on.

Maybe something fun will happen for Earth Day on April 22! Like green sidebars! Hey, EPStaff, why not!

qazrazl qazrazl
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3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Oh well.<br />
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Earth Day came and went and there was no greening of the sidebars (like blacked out sidebars for Earth Hour).<br />
<br />

Yes, there are folks in the I want to Improve Experience Project group that feel as we do. The space is easier on the eyes and I liked the black as a place to rest my eyes. Green may be nice for Earth Day or just for spring!<br />
<br />
Need to generate noise here and have RECs to get attention, more comments too. Thanks for adding yours.

I agree, green would be amazing and the black is definitely easier on the eyes