Anything At All From a Guy

I have never received anything special from a guy.. no gifts no cards, no nothing...

I got so used to it i don't even expect anything anymore.. I give all the time because I feel they deserve it. I do everything I can for that special someone to make them feel special, even without ever receiving anything in return. I go out of my way just to give them the best birthday, christmas, valentines.. anything. They deserve it...


Yet.. at times it has bothered me.



iGotMine8 iGotMine8
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4 Responses Feb 15, 2009

well if that is what going on with ur boy/f then i would not go live with him ...

then dump him if he is totally neglecting u. sounds to me u guys are going thru the motions in order to stay together. which is what most couples appear to me to be doing. hope u prove me wrong!!!

it will only get worse!! belive me i know

i totally agree with that but at times.. when i constantly do whatever i can for a guy, sayin they need this or that and i get it, i never get just the nice gesture back when im in need of something and can't afford to get it myself..

i haven't even received any of that.. nothing whatsoever..but i love him entirely.. and i know its hard on him without having a job at the present moment..or at least extra money after taking care of obligations..