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None that I can remember.  I had friends that did, and would be making out their lists.  I look through the sales papers, but, usually don't find anything that I'd want to get up early in the morning for, or would have to work and couldn't make it to them. 
But now, its not about not wanting to get up early in the morning for, it's about not wanting to get hurt over.  I think I'm to weak for those crowd.  I don't have it in me to knock someone over just to get to something I want.  I stand back and say if its that important to you, go get it. 
I don't know....these past couple of years when watching the news about it, It just makes me shake my head at the craziness of people over items. 

Although, I do realize these are very good prices, but still.  I think no matter how much money I can save on something, I just couldn't fight the crowd.  I'd be laying on the floor trampled on and I know it.  And if I trampled on somebody, I'd be so mad at myself and feel guilty if I did get the item. 
It's just best I stay away from it. 
EyzofBlue EyzofBlue 36-40, F Nov 28, 2011

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