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Not In This Lifetime

I have NEVER tried it and I will NEVER try it. I have seen crackheads, their lives along with themselves are so ****** up. They be walking around looking and acting like Pookie from New Jack City.
AwesomeAngel AwesomeAngel 22-25, F 2 Responses May 30, 2012

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Pookie New Jack City and images.<br />
<br />
Can't see anything ;-)<br />
<br />
[OK, me being pedantic. In google, yuck, I think it actually has pictures of someone taking drugs :(( ]

That might be Pookie. It's just from the movie.

You and I are in complete agreement on this one my friend, except I have no idea what Pookie looks like, nor do I know anything about New Jack City :)

Ok type in Pookie New Jack City and images. He will show up then you will see.

New Jack City is a movie.