I Never Say Never... But!!!

I truly feel I would NEVER IN MY LIFE try this... Because I had a mother who was on drugs my whole life... Because of the drugs she tried to kill me... Because of the addiction... she couldn't QUIT... not even on her dying bed did  she quit... Drugs has caused me and my family sooo much pain... But through that pain... I've learned that its not something that I "Need to try" in life... And even tho my mom wasn't in my life, she did teach me things... Just from her actions... And for that I do thank my mom... RIP

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I left my ex fiance who had a $7000 a week crack habit. He earnt a lot of money & hid it well from the world. He becameparanoid & vviolent towards me & my children from my 1st marriage. I worry about my eldest son who suffered the most violence. Thank u for sharing your experience as the child in this situation its helped me. I worry that my sons will become like him & its all my fault for bringing him into their lives

Great story, and I am glad you have and will never try crack. I indulged in a lot of recreational pharmaceuticals when I was a teenager. Thankfully crack had not come along by the time I stopped and went in the military.

great story!

Hmmm your like the 1st person to ever say that... but yea I KNOW I am... even tho I CRY and WHINE alot... LOL... I know I can and will make it... :) Thanks!!!

Man you guys are really making me feel GREAT... like really... making my day and week... I'll always come back to check out these GREAT comments:)

this is very touching. Its is indeed a blessing that you are wise enough to learn from your mother's experiences. Many people move backwards and follow in the footsteps of an individual they love/admire. I personally am proud of you and your decision to remain clear, clean and full of life. A lot can be learned when you watch the choices people make and the end result of it all.<br />
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Kudos....this is a great story...thank you for sharing.

Thanks... you know I've never had anyone complement me on my power to say no... Never noticed it until today... SO THANK YOU... My mom never wanted to give it up... So she never did... maybe for a month here and there... but nothing long term..

I'm sorry. People don't understand that their addictions effect everyone around them, not just themselves. I'm glad you have learned from it and didn't fall into the spiral of drug addiction like most children of addicts do. I've never tried crack, tho I've been offered it countless times. It's all about will power and wanting to be a better person. I'm glad that's you, bc so many people don't have the strength to say 'no'