I'm Too Stoned To Remember If I Have Smoked Pot...

Dang! I can't remember...Just kidding! LOL! I have smoked A LOT of "pot"! I don't plan to quit anytime soon, unless I run out! LOL! I use it for my medicine on a daily basis. I would just like to "clear the smoke" here on some issues about myths regarding pot. It seems that many people in society are still brainwashed by all the negative propaganda. It seems that it's perfectly socially acceptable for people to consume dangerous and toxic drugs that are pushed by BIG PHARM. companies while we reject a perfectly harmless natural alternative.Here are some facts for the open-minded readers out there...FACT- There has NEVER been even one case of a fatal overdose of pot. If you don't believe me, check it out on Google. FACT- Recent studies have shown that pot fights and even cures certain types of cancer! HELLO...!!! Tell your grandma! Fact- recent studies show that pot is actually NEURO-PROTECTIVE! Meaning that it actually helps protect the brain cells and possibly helps them to regrow! WOW! I'm not an idiot after all! LOL! FACT- Cannabis or pot, can treat over 250 different ailments from chronic pains to migraines. FACT- Inhaling any kind of smoke in not good for you, but pot does not cause any long term adverse health effects. Smoking cigs and tobacco will KILL you! Now I'm not telling you to go out and use some, but if you do, then follow a few simple tips to make your experience the most pleasurable it can be. 1) Be responsible. Don't drive or do stupid stuff! 2) Try it with close family or friends that you can trust. 3) If you feel too high, don't panic! It wont hurt you! Just grab a drink sit down and order an extra large pizza. Afterwards, you'll get sleepy and take a nap. When you wake up, you'll feel better!
PHIgoldenrule PHIgoldenrule
May 9, 2012