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I Have Never Smoked Pot Nor Probably Ever Will

  Although I have seen the mellowing effects of pot on other people and also have heard about the curative aspects from my sister who was put on the medical pot, I have never smoked it. And even though I occasionally have it float through my head whether I should try it or not, I know that I won't in the end.

  I don't have a problem with it and I actually think that it should be legal compared to the mind drugs that are legal. So what is my problem and why haven't I tried it? It just isn't my cup of tea while I think the smell is atrocious. We all have things we want to do and those we don't while this falls into the last category for me.

Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F 9 Responses Aug 17, 2009

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I agree with you Alaska :)

I think the medical term is Marisparinade or however you spell it. They put my dying sister on it in the hopes of getting her appetite up, to give her power and to take away the pain while she was fighting leukemia so there is good in the plant.

if you can get this stuff. to help with pain ,then yes .but get it from a doctor not from the street .from the street you do not know what is in it.if you are in a lot of pain it will not matter ,what it can do to your brain will it.t6hey may not have a lot of time left .so it is better to remove the pain.but try to get this from the doctor,not the street.

I will definately do so Danielm but it is definately not a thing for me although I think others should be allowed to use it if it works for them.

try reading what it can do to you. on google.

Well I am even lucky if I pick up the many names for pot Skrilluh lol.

wow i smoke chronic every day!!!

True and very wise words Ih8.

To each their own. Live and Let live.