Close But Not Quite!

In 5th grade I had a terrible teacher. She wasn't necesarryily mena but she was boring as all get out. She has one of those monotonous voices, that makes the words seem to slur together. And when she taught she stood at the front of the room and lectured really fast while we took notes really fast. I WAS SO BORED. I don't learn when I'm bored, so I ended up getting all C's and D's my first semester of 5th grade. you can imagine how that went over at my house:P So in the middle of my second semester I was called into the principals office and I was going over everything I had done that could be considered bad, until I got called in. The principal sat in a big room with an oak desk and a red spinning chair. He said, point blank, "Darcy, if you don't get all yuor subjects up to at least a B- you'll be repeating the 5th grade." I got my *** in gear! I studied hard, took notes and reviewed the notes at home, and by the end of the year I had a B in all my subjects and a B+ in science, a subject I had formally had a D- in. I think the threat of being held back wouldn't have bothered me if my friends had been repating the year with me. Bu I love my friends and the thought of being "That kid who got held back" was too much for me to handle. I'm glad in the long run the school said they might hold me back, but I'm also super glad they didn't hold me back! My son Evan was almost held back a few years ago and I got himm a tutor and stayed up with him every night for hours until he started picking up his grades. (It might have also had something to do with his video games dissapearing until his grades picked up as well :) )
Tropicana55 Tropicana55
31-35, F
Apr 16, 2012