I still remember my first crush clearly and i even know this isn't healthy. She worked across from me when i was 15 (AWkward years lol). Though this is an unhealthy obsession sometimes i wonder, where she is and if she is happy or if she is with anyone.

My biggest problem at that age i had a strange anxiety at the time alot like Raj from the big bang theory but not as bad. I would get a little anxiety that would grow and not be able to make feelings into proper words when it came to her haha. I sounded like a kindergarten kid trying to read shakespeare badly, when she looked at my heart would literally feel like it would burst.

I still rememeber her laugh, she had such a unique laugh.
O how i wish i had just did my best to form words enough to ask her out, at least just once.
Instead i was a scared little coward, always hated how i never faced that problem head on, to make my destiny.
It is the biggest regret in life, So wherever you are Phone shop girl i hope you are happy.

hopefully the universe will bring you back to me someday.
SirKnight86 SirKnight86
31-35, M
Aug 21, 2014