Life Will Move On So I Will Too...

okay so im like very new to this site, just joined it today. but hey i think ill just try it out ya know?! well no one ever said i was extremely beautiful or hot or sexy or attractive, i mean ive always gotten cute or pretty and i think thats because i hang out with nice people. i have only had like 2 boyfriends and im 18 so i guess there is another sign. i have tried almost everything. tried to spend more time on hair and makeup. tried different fashion styles. tried completely changin my natural hair style by gettin two perms and well nothing worked, for me anyway. idk if anything will ever work! maybe i suffer from that body dysmorphic disorder where no matter what i will always see myself as unattractive. oh well. i guess there are worse things in life. still, America loves beauty. and it's so hard living in America and not worry about your appearance. i just need to distract myself as best as i can. life will move on. it always has and it always will.

ksimms ksimms
18-21, F
May 30, 2010