Not Sure If It's Age Or Love . . .

I have to say that my popularity here on EP has been surprising.  I keep waiting for that comment - you know the one that will shove me back into my box . . . I've never really felt ugly, but certainly not deserving of all of the nice things that have been said about me on here!

I met Hubby almost 5 yrs ago after a really ugly, hurtful divorce.  He is everything I think a man should be.  He is strong, in control, kind, somewhat old fashioned ~ But even old fashioned, he DESIRES me.  I can walk by and brush up against him and feel that he is hard.  When we make love he is in total control of my body.  He once said that he can play my body like a conductor directs a beautiful orchestra.  With a caress of his fingers, nip of his lips my body immediately reacts with passion.  My skin tingles, I can feel the moisture swelling between my thighs . . .

I am becoming what he loves . . . I have evolved over the last 5 years into a strong, sexual woman.  I FEEL as BEAUTIFUL as he sees me. I will live the rest of my days living to please him and keep his love and desire captured just for me.

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Oct 4, 2010