Ever since I was little, my older sister (who is two years older) has always been the "cute" one. Whenever we go somewhere, people always say how pretty she is and how she'd look so cute dating a certain person. I've never had that said to me. One time, my sister, my mom, and I were shopping for dresses and every time my sister would come out with a new dress on my mom would fawn over her. How the color makes her blue eyes just pop out and how it looks perfect with or hair or some crap like that. But when I would come out it would be a "looks ok" and then she'd turn around to wait for my sister again. It hurts so much, Especially since its my MOTHER. The one thats supposed to nurture you and make you feel good about yourself?

A guy at school once asked me why I wasn't as pretty as my sister. That was when I shattered. I started judging myself extremely. I went from a size 8 pants to a size 2. I stopped eating. I felt so ugly and seeing everyone's disgusted stares made me feel worse.

Our culture today has the "perfect girl" labelled as tall, skinny, blonde, and blue eyes. I'm only 5'3", I am a size 2 but I still feel fat,I have red hair, and I have hazel eyes. People don't realize how much their words can affects someones heart.

I have one friend who disagrees with what everyone has said about me. And she tries extremely hard to get me to believe that I'm pretty. But after hear one thing your whole life...Its really hard to believe something else.
MandaDanda13 MandaDanda13
22-25, F
May 8, 2012