Me And My Body

I have been big most of my life. They call my size apple shaped. But it has never stopped me getting men or women.I used to HATE with a passion myself up until I got married. My husband is lovely and caring and understands that the inside me is a different person the outside.
I now feel sexy in what I wear. From short skirts to sexy stockings, I love me. I'm 40 now and looking to go into Domination of men as a career choice.Of course I have discussed it with him and he is ok with it.
I never thought about being Dom before, but I am Beautiful to myself and if others find that my body is interesting.. let the games begin. Love you for who you are and don't worry about your size. Size isn't the issue neither is Beauty because in Dom you are a character and you can whoever you want to be. It gives me the confidence I need to be a mistress.
Ditaklixen Ditaklixen
36-40, F
May 12, 2012