What I Am Not..

I am not beautiful..I am not stunning..I am not a mans idea of gorgeous or any of those adjectives that get thrown around to a pretty face and lovely body..I will never be recruited for Victoria's Secret, and I doubt my picture is pinned to anyones wall.

What I am:
I am compassionate..caring..empathetic..a good friend..I am honest..I am a person with feelings like everyone else..

I Am Me
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16 Responses Nov 19, 2012

You sound absolutely incredible :)

But your attitude and your personality make you so very sexy!

Sexy is totally an attitude! Not a body type. I've seen your photos and believe... YOU ARE SEXY!!!

That's more beautiful than anything else.

sexy can be meashured in many ways !

Those traits have a lot more to do with beauty than what the fashion magazines say.

We are all beautiful in our own way

You described inner beauty and class ! along with a sexy mind ( and a dirty immagination ) you are beautiful sexy and real ! real men desire real woman ! id take a real woman of class and character anyday over a model. you are beautiful inside and out - open your eyes dear !

I believe you may be selling yourself short on what you believe you are not. While external beauty is what people may see and judge first, a person, like you describe yourself to be, is more beautiful and desirous than some snob of a woman who thinks she has what you don't. The reality of it is that she doesn't have what you do have and will miss out on what could have been.

I think you sound beautiful on the inside and if your pictures are any indication, you are beautiful on the outside too.

You are welcome

Being a compassionate, caring good friend makes you a beautiful person. Focus on that aspect of yourself and others will see how beautiful you truly are.

If youre going through a tough time, focusing on your inner self can be very tough. However, its during this enough times that focusing on your inner being becomes vital.

Love your honest, but overly humble opinion of yourself. You are gorgeous. But putting the more important fundamentals first - that makes you special.

I think you are very very beautiful and incredibly sexy! I also think you are one special lady inside and out. You would a gem to teach the glories of tanta to, and add in a dose of D/s.

Petite....you listed what you are. THAT is what makes you beautiful. Yes you are physically beautiful as well, but what's on the inside is what truly makes you beautiful.

lol, that's not a fetish....it's just poor fashion choice!

spongebob is NOT and improvement!!

Well I guess that would be an improvement! Lol

Let me add to below---I had not looked at your pics until writing the below and other responses--you are beyond beautiful!! I see the one shot of your face on the phone and I am ready to take the first plane to Wisconsin to hug and kiss you!! Please read below and make me estatic by being the bad boy, that I am, take you to new places, my sexy girl!! There is no other way for me to say this--you are just so ******* hot!!! Wow!!!


I agree with others!!! Beauty is so internal and getting older only flashes that fact so clearly!! It is a state of mind you created with those around you, how they see you and feel you, and it can make you come across like a movie star! You cannot be lttle yoursel, that comming from one who was a beanpole geek in younger days but have morphed into a different man today!! Com,e and share that inner beauty and get with those that make you feel like a woman should feel--alive, vibrant, cared for, and captivating!!! Cheers!!