i have never tried illeagal drugs . ever in my life.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

GREAT! Don't!! All they do is cause major problems- and you do not need that! Take it from someone who knows!

Well that is your choice but I hope you have made that choice for the right reason and not just because they're illegal. Drugs can be both good or bad it depends completely on the person. <br />
As long as you do NOT do drugs that are known to have toxic chemicals in it or just typically be known to kill people in either the long run or immediately (tobacco/cigarrettes/etc. meth, crack, heroine.. anything like that) that would benefit you greatly to stay away from that stuff.. lol. but if you have an open mind, if you do the drug under controlled and responsible situations then the drug will almost always help you in one way or the other. marijuana, if like I said before you do it under a controlled situation (meaning don't have any plans to do anything for at least.. i dno.. however long your metabolism rate works from the time of consumption). also make sure you have great music on hand, games to play, movies to watch, looots of food to eat, uhm.. so basically what im saying is you'd most likely find it wise to walmart get a bunch of awesome **** then go home and roll a joint/blunt or pack a bowl bong or some sort of device then enjoy the hell out of your time until the drug wears off.. it sounds terrible i know.. thats why its illegal man you should probably not try it.. ever.................... .............................. ................