All of Me... Well, Almost!

I am very comfortable with sharing here on EP. Not only the bad stuff, but the good stuff too. This is the only forum on the net that I feel safe enough to share almost all of me. :-)

I do have some secrets... only because I feel that they're none of anyone business... just those closest to me. And these are not things I want to blast on here, for fear of perverts running to me in droves! :-o

But, besides that, the people of EP get to know more about me than most people offline do! This is because, irl, people never give me a fair chance to express or share my experiences. They're just not interested. But here... there are always a few interested in what I have to say. Which is nice! ;-)

So, I trust more on EP than anywhere else.

You guys and gals ROCK! :-D

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

I enjoy variety of stories and opinions. Also the humans in the flesh we may not take the time to listen to such a wide range of ages and nationalities.