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I grew up in a drug and crime kinda neighborhood, and my mom really pounded it into my head that drugs are bad,no matter what.So even as a rebellious teen, I never tried it.My friends were into it,but they respected my choice.Well, one night eight months ago i was drinking at my friends condo and we were all trashed.I went out with her room mate to smoke a cig and he asks if I wanted to share a hit.Well I dont know why but I said sure why not.I tried one and I got so sick from it.I was huggin the toilet in less than an hour and then did some things I would rather not say.I walked home in the middle of an ice storm wearing four inch stilletos.The whole experience sucked and I dont plan on goin near that stuff ever again.I dont care if it was the drug or the alcohol that helped me get that sick, but I dont care to try it again.
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Hi people,,, im 42, ive been smoking weed since i was 14 off and on. Because of the high price due to its legal status in uk i started growing. This meant i had as much i wanted. At the same time about 18 months ago my work slowed so this gave me all day to smoke pure three skinners (i quit tobacco 2 years ago) I got up in the morning and couldnt wait to roll my first spliff. Its been 10 days for me now without and i feel good. Nothing made me stop. Im quite a wealthy lad and still have the rooms i used for growing there ready if i want but i dont want,,,,I think its like the mirror of forgetfulness in harry potter, you can spend your life stiring into it , you wont be unhappy but you wont be living either, basicaly its not enough for me ,,, i say there is more to life than 1 plant, theres a whole world out there,,,,,its funny because the goverment will say that its bad for us like they care, whilst at the same time murdering innocent women and children in iraq,,,they obviously dont care for us,,,, so there must be some other reason for its illegality, what is that reason? well when i was growing i didnt spend a penny on it. if it wasnt for the law people would just grow it if they wanted it and not grow when they wanted to stop, it just wouldnt be an issue in our society anymore, no more than someone growing lavender or other medicinal herbs ,,,look at the way its pushed in popular culture through music and film. Do you think dr dre videos would be shown on MTV if the few owners of the networks disagreed with it. There is no working class mr big behind it all ,,,,the law on drugs is just another way for the men in power to cream off you and **** u up. With masonic pigs always there to enforce there masters laws,,, i just wanted to let you know guys even if youve got an endless supply at your fingertips for free its still no life for you, so dont be fustrated, be strong, cause theres a fight you have to win,,, an for you young ones, it hasnt always been like this. there was a time not too long ago when there were no illegal drugs to speak of on our streets,,, they are pushed to harm and to control,,,weve always known this deep down havent we,,,keep it LOVE

It is so great that you have a strong NO DRUGS opinion. <br />
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But you probably got sick from drinking THEN taking a hit. That happens to a lot of people who do drugs.<br />
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If you ever ever again do drugs (not saying that you will) dont do them whilst smashed....makes for a very sick night.<br />
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