I used to be anorexic and I am not anymore, though I do still struggle with some of the behaviours and thoughts.
I have really bad fatigue problems and mental health issues and have been off work for over a year with it. So I started eating meals to try to get better energy levels so I could go back to work. I have never weighed so much in my life!!! My boss can't afford me anymore to work for her so there is less of an incentive for me to eat 3 meals a day. (Though I am in the process of setting up my own pet sitting and dog walking business.) my weight gain from just eating meals has been so significant that I am now overweight!!!! This isn't from eating unhealthily. It is just because I have started to simply eat meals and because of fatigue, I have struggled to dance, cycle, swim and go to the gym like I used to. I have tried to lose the weight again in a healthier way but nothing has worked. It is just making me more and more feel like going back to not eating meals. I don't know what to do. I just can't cope with being so heavy!!!! It's terrifying.
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What is your BMI, if you don't mind me asking. The reason I ask is because some people with a history of anorexia see themselves as overweight with a BMI of 20. I would give careful consideration to MeVE's comments below...good advise.

As in my BMI is overweight - so to me it's more anxiety inducing than the average person

Dear stephi. You do have a very complex situation, so I will only say this: First be aware that lacks of protein are lightly to mess with your brain, cause fatigue and even depression. Even more so in people who already have issues. You do not need that right now, so you must continue eating. Second: It is normal for people who have been anorexic to be overweight for a period after they start eating normal. It is crucial that you continue eating normal and do not start dieting or anything drastic to get your weight down. A normal body needs time to adjust after being starved. When your body has been starved it will store fat as a precaution in case it happens again. That is nature and a good thing. After a while - how long will vary, but for some it might be a couple of years, your body will realize that this precaution is not as necessary anymore. If you start any form of starvation again you will tell your body that storing fat is a necessity, and this will increase the problem by leading to you getting visibly stored fat easier each time. This appears to any mammal we know of, humans no exception. For anorexia patients there are even more to this, which might explain lots of things for you. Ask your doctor to tell you about anorexia, fat cells and other implications that follows anorexia recovery. If he does not know he can get lots of information from Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA) who has done research on this for years. Lots of this is available for free. I hope this will be helpful to you. Wish you a healthy recovery.

I just had weight loss surgery !

Bet that was expensive!!!

No , got funding , due to a " shut down illness "

Shut down illness?

what do u eat generally.

Granola or fruit for brunch, veggies or salad and some protein and rice or sweet potato for dinner. No juice, no fizzy drinks, no coffee, tea every once in a while, no red meat

have u checkied u blood pressure

Not for a while