So I've never had chicken pox, don't think I'm missing out, got vaccinated, never been real happy/neither has my fam, but we don't want to date/get married and all that jazz, but yeah money/friends/getting to pursue some of your interests/goals/dreams is nice. I've never had lobster I don't think I would like it. Never had a job. Never had a best friend. I'm learning your best friend is yourself. Never had my teeth fixed. Never went kayaking, Never went rock climbing. Never did a triathlon, certainty would like to do triathlons and a lot of athletic/creative stuff. Never wanted to date, kind a want to be left alone, but want friends, the right kind, like people who are decent, like to cook/workout/do things sometimes, etc. Never went to prom, would rather have gone to the gym and/or beach.
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Are you fat?

No, not at all