The people concerned are not new neighbours of mine, & there has been some trouble in the past when they acted as if no one but themselves mattered. Recent problems concern the homemade solid fuel barbeque the man has made, which pumps poisons into our garden. My wife who is is sensitive to all manner of things, even perfumes, experienced a really painful headache as a result. Approaching these people resulting in my being verbally abused and shouted down. Twice the man has given his hand and his word that he would give advance warning before lighting his pollution machine, and twice he has reneged. He went for me and claimed I had attacked him, even though he is younger, and around six feet-four against my five foot-eight. They even brought the police in with this claim, and the officer in question told them that they were not required to give any warning. What a thing to say to such people! Those same words have since been thrown back in the face of my wife, by the woman concerned. She is a nurse. Hard to believe. If she showed the same callous disregard towards her patients as she has shown towards my wife, then God help them!  Local council information regarding such behaviour resulted in a leaflet after several days of searching on their behalf. At the very end of a leaflet concerning bonfires was a footnote, saying that people should consider their neighbours. A total waste of paper and ink. Those who are decent enough to warn their neighbours do not need the advice, and those whom we are unfortunate enough to live alongside, will take no notice. Something needs to be done to control solid fuel burners such as this, perhaps making it a duty for such users to issue a those likely to be affected by it. What will it take before something is done? When she was affected, my suffered a headache. As a registered asthmatic she might have suffered an attack. It is not unknown for such attacks to be fatal.   
Barnum3 Barnum3
May 6, 2012