I Find Someone I Think He Loves Me.

i had a boyfriend, the one who did care about me, this one i thought its a spy but he responsible caring and he is attentive. every he ensure my happiness, he call, sms and i too make visits and that makes me happy. yah well, the fact is i love the who dump but now i learn that i have to love someone who loves me. should i bother turning back and look the one who is not in loving mood? should i have to tell that one not to call even if he wants to, may be the day someone he loves hurt him maybe finds me as his stress releaver? i think its time to forget about him.
Eddan Eddan
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 3, 2011

We are both in the same situation my friend...Mewold is right ;/


Yes. Forget about him and don't call him or accept calls from him. He will only hurt you again.