Now I Know

I have had 2 serious parners in my life and both have commented on how, er.... well formed my breasts are. But today was the first time that I saw myself in the mirror and couldn't believe that I was looking at my own chest! I had clothes on, but wow! I am very proud of my body. I think it was more of a relalisation that I have finally come to terms with and accepted my body. Its mine. Its curvy and feels comfortable to be in. I have been very large and I have been slim. But at the moment I am happy. Very happy and it reflects on my chest. I hold my self high because I like my body. Its not the best but I like it. I can do better and am doing better, I am getting there, Right now I like to show the world that i'm coming through and it has made a difference in how people see me, listen to me, react to me, talk to me. It's amazing how just a small amount of confidence can totally change the world around you.
The glimps was very quick but it took me throught the rest of the day. Yes I am HOT! BRING IT ON! not in sence of sexual things, but life in general. Challenges, conflicts, laughter, everything. I am here. I am me. This is it.
farelle farelle
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

please dont keep them to yourself. Great things are meant to be appreciated by the masses

Well proud and let nothing get you down. Always keep your chin up.....your breasts will follow ;)

You sound deliciously beautiful. Share it with me who appreaciates a beautiful body and gorgeous breasts.