Back In Time

I had a drem the other night that i went back in time. I met my husband as he was a teenagerat a high school basketball victory dance. I told him that We would marry and have children. He did believe me. I was dressed like zeena the warrior princess. Except It was white and gold.this is one of my better dreams. I asked him if he was dating his ex, and he said no he had broken it off with her. he wanted to have sex with me right there in the gym, I told him I was on my period, and he said NO way am i having sex with you on your period. I stated to him that(WELL IT DOESN'T BOTHER YOU IN THE FUTURE)
and then i woke up. Weird hey?
bratnumber5 bratnumber5
31-35, F
1 Response Nov 10, 2006

Since he believed everything else you told him about the future it's ok that you woke up, cause you Know ya'll knocked boots right then and there!!lol