Scared To Go Sleep At Night

I have been having nightmares involving demons. I am scared of having another one that deals with demons. I sweat a lot at night, and I don't sweat at all, during the day.
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

hi Im Aarena i have an account on this site called Draxolani and im 15 and feel the need to inspire please read my story i feel so sorry for you and i hope you sleep peacefully soon:D

Dude sometimes late at night right after im done laptoping or watching tv and tring to drift to sleep, I get weird thoughts that I would never want to even think about and I try to force them into oblivion but they sometimes resurface with mighty force, and it only happened when i styed up past 4:00am.... What fixed it? Well I used to keep myself very very busy to distract myself.... But now I started running and going to bed earlier... Improved alot... Forced my self into situations, still didnt overcome some of them...

Are you taking medications of any kind? I saw that you said your mom was forcing you to go to a pscyhiatrist and psychiatric medications often cause weird side effects. Do you still have this problem?