A Phenomenon Dream

since I was a kid, with no bad intentions in mind, I've been having dreams that always end in the same scenario -my death; you name it, drowning,chocking (from being on a high mountain). falling, someone always stabs me, or just keep shooting at me by a machine gun!

I also have a sleep paralysis; always like being stuck in a dream before I get killed...seems more like a curse on me.

Anyways, I had a different nightmare from what I've mentioned, and for a 3 separate nights, the first 2 I've forgot them once I woke up.The 3rd one, despite of triggering the 1st two, has the most impact and one of my unforgettable scariest dreams.

It starts like that, I woke up, wanting to have a drink, I passed through the living room, which was lit, so I starred at the watch, and it was on 12 exactly, then suddenly, mom awake telling me your cell phone's screen is glowing...
I take a look at the cell, but I got surprised as it's not MINE ! Besides, it has no ringtone too !

so I freaked out while holding the phone, pressed on the "accept call" button, and said "Hello?? Who's talking???"
the soft sound of the heavy pouring rain was clear on the speaker... I never heard the caller's voice...then he hung up...
I heard the death's song, sad and scary in the same time..I've never felt this scared in my life...
After the song finished, the cell started vibrating hardly & I too was shaking from fear , the screen was turning on and off...one showing the caller's number full with random numbers..the other time, showing darkness... I started choking from death...then I woke up.

I kept thinking about the dream over and over again, but was choked as there's no dream explanation for this one.
After a few nights of searching for the meaning, I just placed my cell phone-as always- on a table near me,turned out the lights and went to bed....suddenly, the cell's screen started to glow...with no ringtone.......I got scared as I was approaching the cell phone slowly...I watched the number calling......and that let my blood stop moving in the veins...it was STASHED WITH NUMBERS...I held the phone shakily, and said "Hello???".....but with no answer...so I started breathing heavily...then I got an answer...PHEW....it was from a Saudi Arabian guy wanting to chat with his pal-wrong number !

I smiled as I think it's nothing really, and from that day on, and never seen such a spectacular dream. that carves,someone's soul, and really liked being in some real horror in my life.Wish something horrifying happen to me, but my wishes have never been granted..that's for sure ^_^
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hi Im Aarena i have an account on this site called Draxolani and im 15 and feel the need to inspire please read my story i feel so sorry for you and i hope you sleep peacefully soon:D

I wish all the bad dreams go away, try to hear soft music before you sleep and stop seeing scary movies.<br />
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