Mental Multiplex

Hello my name is Aarena Carpenter and I am 15 years old. I am from New Zealand and I have been having nightmares
Since i was 4 years old . My memory is good so I can remember every nightmare I have ever had.
At first it was horrible to bare because I would sometimes see my mum and dad watching horror movies
and when I would fall asleep I would have gruesome nightmares with gruesome slaughter and massacre scenarios and would wake up screaming or crying and most times both. Sometime after turning six i had gained a great passion for art and used it as a positive outlet.
Every time i had a scary nightmare i would draw it out . My drawings scare my family and friends as i have started to create new scenarios.
I started to figure out that what started as a hindrance had now become something i could use to my advantage.
Now i am absolutely in love with nightmares, If i dont have one I worry that i am not sleeping well at night. I have probably had a few
dreams but i mainly live for nightmares. I can control them which is awesome, if something scares me i scare it, and if it tries to take over my
mind i totally annihilate it. Here is something that i use that might help you:  Think of a multiplex theater and all the cinema
rooms with empty white screens, now think of every nightmare and horror movie that has scared you anything that frightens you
and put it in its own cinema screen give it what it wants and let it live its life , My method may seem mental but it works
for me , you can live your life and forget about it while it lives in your mental multiplex.Mental
Draxonlani Draxonlani
13-15, F
Nov 7, 2011