Nightmares Since 2-3 Years

Hey, Im not sure, if it is wise, to share ones nightmare with complete strangers, whom I dont know.
But okay, Ill give it a shot.
By the way thanks for reading.
For 2-3 years I started to have nightmares, at the beginning I thought, these things come and go.
But, they got more and more clearer. I know from what people have said to me. Is that I block my feelings, I dont let anybody know how I really feal, and it then might go to my sub cautions.
Because feelings have to go somewhere right?
Well. To describe my nightmare, hm lets say its a great deal of pain, misery, the fear of loss. *i lost a lot of people whom i have loved, well they betrayed me*
There is also frust, and I want to talk about to other people. But they dont understand. So because they dont have an answer. Naturally, they say you need to see a doctor. Well guess what. All that pain I have, has been caused by the people I cared for, thats why I dont show them anymore.
Sorry about my English, im half Asian, and I currently live in Germany, there are not so many people who speak English.
Thanks for taking your time.
Take care.
With friendly regards

DjThomilein DjThomilein
Aug 5, 2012