I have Nightmare Disorder (ND). This means that I constantly have nightmares. My ND is related to my Insomnia, but I've known about this longer. I rarely have good dreams. And while not all of my nightmares are horrific, they are all bad and can be classified as a nightmare. All my dreams are vivid. If I have a good dream, I often can't remember it. I can almost always remember my nightmares. Since I wake up many times in the night, I often have more than one nightmare in one night. And sometimes, I find that my dreams are leaving physical marks and feelings. It can be terrifying... but you learn to deal with it. I write my nightmares down... doesn't make the ND go away, and it doesn't make it any less scary... but it does make for good stories and proof!
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I almost always have nightmares about my mother dying now that she really is gone...

i have flash backs to viet nam and death there

hi Im Aarena i have an account on this site called Draxolani and im 15 and feel the need to inspire please read my story i feel so sorry for you and i hope you sleep peacefully soon:D

I understand completely.

Oh wow, I feel like I just read about myself. Amazing. How reassurng it is to know that others have the same problem!

Well, honoestly I just went to a medical website where you type in your symptoms and it gives you matches. Then I googled the matches. Not really a legit way to diagnos yourself, but who really asks their doctor about reoccuring nightmares, anyway?

Is this really real??? not askin in a mean way... More like I would like to know more information... I work with ppl who have mental and physical disabilities... and one of my collages has one every night... she even talks out loud... and kicks... If I could get some information that could help her out, I would really appreciate it...

Do you read what you log of your nightmares to your psychiatrist, or do you just write them down for your own reference?