Its Scares The Wits Out Of Me

i go to sleep around usually around 11 pm but then wake up around 2 in the morning... i wake up with a rush of breath like i couldn't breathe, but the nightmares always start from me being in a very bright room with lovely pictures, almost like a museum but then it all turns black and there are just blobs of colors playing across my vision mostly of red. and i know i am asleep and i know i am dreaming. but that is when that scares me the most because it is like i cant wake up, i need to wake up. i fight so hard to wake up... one night i think ill never wake.... and it scares the living wits out of me... i am afraid to sleep. and after i wake up around 2 i spend the rest of the night trying to fall back asleep tossing and turning till my alarm clock goes off for school and then the next night its the same routine 

theshortloud1 theshortloud1
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That sounds awfully familiar...Sounds like you suffer from sleep maintenence insomnia like I do. You know what helps me fall back asleep (Sometimes it takes as little as 30 minutes, sometimes 2 hours), but taking a hot bath, and a hot cup of tea (preferably decaf, cause caffiene is a stimulant...), and doing breathing/ relaxation exercises while in the bath. I usually start from my feet up, and imagine every group of muscles is relaxing as I work my way through them. Hope this helps ya!

no matter how i feel i have em.. but sometimes ill sleep pccasionally and not have one...

Oh wow. theshortloud1, I know that on many occasions I have moments when I know I'm sleeping and there is this image infront but for the life of me I cannot move or wake myself up. It scares the **** out of me because I do feel like one day I won't wake up too. It turns out that my eyes are open when I do this and the image infront of me is whatever my body is actually seeing even though I'm asleep. I can never get myself to move though. People have told me that "the witch is riding you" haha meaning a ghost may be holding me down or around me and my body is in shock. I don't know. Maybe you're stressed out ? My nightmares, ugh, increase when I'm in an anxious/worried/overall upset state.

it might have ... i hate nightmares soo much...