I Hate This One Nightmare I Have

I had this one nightmare where im in a dark room the walls were burn as if there was a fire and this girl with long black hair covering her eyes was standing in front of me. I look around and see I'm surrounded by images of her past one was being tortured by her own parents and this creepy doll and many more flashback like images then i look up and she appears up closer at me and says in a echoing whisper "why did you never love me?" and she throws me against the wall with her mind and glares at me with her dead looking eyes. I fall to the floor barely able to move and get dragged hard across a burn wooden floor opening a few wounds then throws me into another wall and i cough out blood then shes gone and i see an exit. I crawl towards it with a light at the end showing the outside and I look back and see nothing but when I turn back forward i see her standing there and i scream really loud and get slaughtered seeing tons of blood. I wake up crying being so scared and woke my sis up and she hugged me tight and calmed me down.
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Jul 29, 2010